The E.D.F. Drawing Board

So...You say, you want to build a battleship?

The work involved in designing an E.D.F. Drawingboard Ship :)

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Welcome to this new page! I know that everyone knows how much thought goes into a design,..Even so, I'd still like to share with you, the extent of the "brain-power" involved. :)
   Consider it like a math problem, from when you were in school. You could use a calculater, and get the right answer, but sometimes, the teacher wanted to see the work...So, here's the work :)
 The work below was done for a Re-design...Not even a brand new ship! But...As you have seen, The "New York" practicly is,...A brand new ship :)  So, with this said, enjoy your visit to the actual "Drawingboard!"








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